Casa a MezZ’aria is a traditional house located in the historic centre of Parabita, 12 km from Gallipoli and a 15 minute drive from the Lido Pizzo, Punta della Suina and Baia Verde beaches. The building dating back to the early of the 17th century has recently been renovated to emphasize the use of space and original features of that period.

The last people to have lived in the house were Miss “Rafaela” Martignano who played the church organ, her brother “Pope Ngiorgi”, the parish priest and a tortoise that apparently, moved on to greener pastures a few days after the demise of the priest. Welcome to “Barrio Vecchio” and welcome to Casa a MezZ’aria that, strictly speaking, means at last gently drifting inside ourselves.

The House

The building extends over three levels connected by external staircases. Access is from a street parallel to the main street which has all necessary commodities and services.

The Dèpendance

This romantic annexe which has its own private access, occupies the whole ground floor. With parking right in front of the premises, one can access the entrance gate.